Describe ideas for internal accountability at this ideal school. How would we measure the success of our initiative? What indicators would we look for and how would we look for them? Imagine both qualitative and quantitative measures.

We have to change the political landscape somehow -- so that there can be a focus on real results, not test score results. The public will demand accountability, but we need political change to re-define what that means.
Good accountability areas might be :
•Can students effectively engage in projects that solve real problems, with a real audience, and get tangible feedback?
•Do students have the opportunity to successfully engage with their communities, and be validated by the community in which they live?
•Are students properly equipped with knowledge and skills to prepare them for more learning? work? happy life styles?
•Can students express themselves in ways that resonate with others?
•Do students have a vision for themselves and their future? the planet, their families?

Accountability for teachers in an ideal 21st Century school ---
•Do the brightest young people opt for a teaching career?
•Do more than 50% keep teaching after 5 years?
•Does the system pay teachers at a level in a way that encourages them to teach for a living, not a paycheck?
•Do teachers have adequate opportunity to expand learning?
•Do teachers have a chance to be entrepreneurial, and share their expertise for tangible reward?