Share your ideas for ongoing, job-embedded, sustained Professional Development. This could include proposed daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly schedules, online PD ideas/strategies, PLC implementation ideas, Lesson Study, etc.

The more I use it, the more I swear by Understanding By Design as an amazing model for really authentic learning. It has given me a robust language for talking about teaching and learning that filled in the gaps between what I believed and what I could powerfully articulate. -- Chris

There is no such thing as "Staff Development Days." I think to be ongoing, job-embedded and sustained, we need to break away from the pockets of learning. Well intended, but current models don't always support ongoing learning expectations.

Teacher driven based on student needs.
Data driven

Form small teams composed of teachers from all the core areas + school leaders/community members/students. Groups meet frequently throughout the year, learning hands-on. - Lisa

While not knowing what the structure will be, these meetings might be virtual as well as in person. - kajigga kajigga

No whole group traditional PD; instead all PD is in-classroom mentoring and coaching driven by the teacher (We've done curriculum development this way as well with a lot of success.)
100% on target for each teacher
maximizes buy-in
requires curriculum and tech knowledge on the part of coach