This page is for students to voice their ideas for the ideal 21st Century School. Participation can be anonymous. Post your ideas under each of the topics below. These ideas will be used in the rest of this wiki.


What should students learn?
- would like to learn more real stuff using real things. Especially for younger students -e.g. green houses, engineering workshops, farms, gardens, restaurants etc
- would like to be able to choose more of what we want to learn - like kids who like science should be able to do more of it


How should students learn?
- no at a desk all the time with a pencil and paper; i want to do physical learning like feeding farm animals
- students should have jobs at school like - working in the school tuckshop / canteen
- school should be fun!
- people from the community who are experts could come and teach in schools
- older kids who are good at things could have time to teach younger students

School Structure & Organization / Architecture

Ideas for everything from physical building to class schedules, bell schedules, semester/quarter schedules, etc.
- refrigerated bubbles (drinking water fountains) - its hot here in Australia
- beautiful library with a catalogue that you can rate books and write recommendations for your friends


Imagine all of the different ways that technology would be used in this ideal school. Include ideas for tech that doesn't yet exist.
- communicate with kids all over the world
- learn to speak languages by speaking with kids in other countries

Professional Development for Faculty & Staff

How would the teachers learn to improve their work?

Staffing and Organizational Structure

How would staff be selected, hired, and organized? What kind of leadership structure might exist?

Other Ideas

Anything else that doesn't fit in the categories above.