Is Not...

Notes fromLisa Huff

The learning environment we are envisioning is not....

See "Teacher Video" by Marco Torres

Adapted from the LifePracticeModel (ESSDACK and Turning Point Learning Center)
Environment is NOT:
designed to allow elitism (student/student, teacher/student, teacher/teacher)
entirely teacher-created
ingenuine (needs real-world, real relationships)
blocked (technology tools)
afraid of or resistant to change
alone in an echoing room
learning in a vacuum that lets work disappear after one presentation
"good enough" from either teacher OR student
geographically isolated
economically isolated
politically isolated
confined to a specific time, place, or person

Student behaviors are NOT:
"good enough"
thoughtlessly accidental
"producing THE answer"
based on a single answer
singular in nature

Teacher behaviors are NOT:
accidental / unintentional
saving students from struggling
concentrating efforts on one group of students
tunnel vision
expecting one type of product or thinking
limited in expectations
isolated or disconnected
allowing clients to give excuses to avoid consequences of pitfalls
sage on the stage
singular in nature
limited to the classroom